Discovery pack | 4 bars
Discovery pack | 4 bars
Discovery pack | 4 bars

Discovery pack | 4 bars

The best way to discover the delicious Naak bars!

The Naaks bars are performance driven, innovative and 100% natural. We use cricket powder to provide you with lasting energy, be it for intense physical activity or for a long day at work.

2 choco orange & 2 choco banana

Shipping starts April 2017

The Naak bars have an excellent taste and are very nutritious. The taste is very pleasant on the palate and we get used to eat insects very quickly. I put one or two in the pocket of my bike jersey for my long rides in order to satisfy my appetite and sustain my energy levels during my trainings. This is a product to be adopted!

Alexis Lepage, 8th in the U23 elites at the 2016 World Triathlon Championships, Canadian Junior champion in 2013

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Crickets are a superfood and are eco-friendly


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Not only is cricket powder a superfood, but it's also eco-friendly: producing cricket powder requires less resources than dairy protein, not to mention it creates less waste. Cricket powder is the complete protein of the future!



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