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Welcome to the Gaspesia 100 Näak Virtual Challenge!

Events Gaspesia is proud to offer the GASPESIA 100 NÄAK Virtual Challenge! Following the cancellation of the event and the Covid-19 crisis, we are offering you a virtual event, completed alone or in confinement, which will allow you to relive the legendary race of the GASPESIA 100 around your home. In addition ... it's FREE and accessible to everyone!

This virtual challenge is a way for the big Gaspesia 100 family to be one and promote an active lifestyle while sharing good memories of the Gaspesia region, while you can’t visit it in June! Join us and experience an adventure made possible through social networks. Go conquer the roads, the trails or your treadmill and share your love story of the Gaspesia 100 with everyone during this period of social distancing.

Enter for a chance to win prizes worth $ 2,000, including the Tour de la Gaspésie package as part of the next Ultra Trail Gaspesia 100 in June 2021, offered by Tourisme Gaspesie and our partners.

Your challenge

Travel 100 miles (160 km) in 30 days, from May 23 to June 21 (before noon) by walking or running.

You can also go a week at a time and do the challenge that suits you best; 25 mi (40km), 50 mi (80km) or 75 mi (120km).

Weekly barrier (cutoff): You must complete 25 mi (40km) the first week minimum to be eligible for the participation prices and be able to continue the challenge of 100 miles!

To participate

When does the challenge start?

The virtual race begins on May 23 and ends on June 21 at noon, the day originally scheduled to complete the 100 mi race of the Ultra Trail Gaspesia 100 2020 which had to be canceled! You must complete 25 mi (40km) per week for a chance to win the GRAND PRIZE.

How does it work?

You have 1 week to complete the 25 mi (40km), 2 weeks for the 50 mi (80km), 3 weeks for the 75 mi (120km) and 4 weeks to complete the ultimate distance, the 100 mi (160km), at the running or walking, alone and near you, in a safe environment.

You must complete at least 25 mi (40km) per week to be eligible for the participation prizes. Each 25 mi (40km) traveled gives you an additional chance to win the GRAND PRIX. Those who have completed the 100 mi (160km) are therefore 4x more likely to win the GRAND PRIX.

Obviously, everyone will have different limits depending on regional restrictions. Please make sure to comply with the social distancing regulations in force in your region.

To participate, you must:
• Subscribe to the above form
• Join our Strava Group. Follow the instructions in the confirmation email that you receive when you subscribe.
• Use a GPS watch or smartphone to record your data and upload it to Strava
• Complete at least 25 mi (40km) from May 23 to June 21

What are the prizes to win?

Each partipant receives:
• 20% discount at Gaspesia Events
• 20 discount at NÄAK online order
• 10% discount on orders on the Gaspesie Gourmande store

Grand Prix VIP Tour de la Gaspésie for 2 people, Collaboration of Tourisme Gaspésie (Value of $ 1,800)
• $ 200 in UTG100 2021 bib credits
• $ 100 of products offered by NÄAK
• NÄAK singlet
• 2 nights in a chalet at the Base Camp Coin du Banc during the UTG100
• 5 nights accommodation on the Gaspésie tour
• Meals and activities during the stay
• Beer tasting cooler from the Pit Caribou microbrewery
• Gaspesie Gourmande gourmet box

Weekly graduating draw 25 miles:
• $50 gift certificate Gaspesia Events
• $30 Pit Caribou gift certificate
• 1 Box of NÄAK products
• 1 Gaspesie Gourmande gourmet box (Canada only)

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May 4 - Registrations open

May 23 - The race begins

May 31 - 25 miles. Participants must have completed at least 25 mi (40km) to be eligible for the weekly prize and the GRAND PRIZE.

June 7 - 50 miles. Participants who have completed the 50 miles (80km) are eligible for the weekly prize and are 2x more likely to win the GRAND PRIZE.

June 14 - 75 miles. Participants who have completed the 75 miles (120km) are eligible for the weekly prize and are 3x more likely to win the GRAND PRIZE.

June 21 - 100 miles. Participants who have completed the 100 miles (160km) are eligible for the weekly prize and are 4x more likely to win the GRAND PRIZE.

Important Note

Running, especially at high intensity or over exorbitant distances, weakens your immune system and makes you more vulnerable to disease. In other words, if you participate in this event or any other physically strenuous exercise, you run a greater risk of getting sick, including, but not limited to, COVID-19. Only you can determine your personal risk tolerance to participate in this event. Some ways to reduce your personal risk might include, but not be limited to:

• Limit the number of people around you. Do not invite people to help the crew or come to see them unless they are already living with you. Stay as isolated as possible.

• Make sure you have enough food and supplies for the race and also for the next recovery period, so you don't have to be exposed to pathogens when you recover.

• Treat the next two weeks before the start of the race as a strict quarantine period to make sure you are not already infected before participation.

Finally, we do not recommend that you participate if you feel sick, if you have a known disease that puts you at higher risk of contracting the disease, if you are in a high-risk area where limiting your exposure would be difficult, if you cannot have enough quarantine time before and after the event if you will be in contact with someone who is sick, elderly or considered to be at higher risk.

Remember: it's just for fun - we don't want this event to add unnecessary burdens to the medical system, although you are in the best position to decide if you need medical care for a whatever reason.

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