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The story

What does Naak mean?

Naak stands for Adventurous Nutrition for Athletes who travel Kilometers.

How did everything start?

Naak was created in 2016 by William Walcker et Minh-Anh Pham, 2 green athletes who participated in the Triathlon World Championships. Preoccupied by the impact of meat production on the environment, the 2 friends decided to radically change their nutrition: they became vegetarian and started looking for alternative protein sources for their training. They then discovered cricket protein and immediately started incorporating it into their diet by making their own cricket protein bars in William's kitchen. This is how Naak started. 


Where do crickets come from?

Our crickets come from Entomofarms, a cricket farm based in Petersburg, Ontario. It is the largest cricket farm in North America and has Health Canada certifications which allows it to distribute its products for human consumption.

How many crickets are there in one bar?

10% of the bar or about 50 crickets. Cricket powder is the second ingredient in Naak bars, after dates.

How are the crickets raised?

Crickets are raised in a similar environment to their natural habitat, which allows them to grow in optimal conditions. Furthermore, they are fed with natural ingredients: plants and grains. Naak bars are made in Quebec at Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

Why is cricket farming eco-friendly?

Compared to beef, cricket requires 12x less feed, 2000x times less water, and produces 100x less greehouse gases in order to produce the same quantity of protein! Moreover, crickets need little space (vertical farming) and reproduce quickly: they reach their adult stage at 6 weeks (vs 3 to 5 years for beef).

Why is cricket good for our health?

Cricket is a superfood: 2x more protein than beef (complete protein containing all 9 essential amino acids), 7x more B12 vitamin than salmon, 2x more iron than spinach, 1.6x more calcium than milk, rich in omega 6 and omega 3.

Do crickets feel pain?

Most scientists agree that insects do not have the ability, nor the utility, to feel pain, because they don't have nociceptors, which are the pain receptors. The debate remains open and opinions still differ. We are all free to develop our own opinion on the subject.

Can vegetarians eat cricket?

Vegetariens (and vegans) will choose to eat cricket or not depending on the reasons for which they decided to follow this particular diet. Many vegetarians eat cricket for environmental and health reasons. Vegetarians often have B12 vitamin deficiency and cricket is high in B12 vitamin. Moreover, as opposed to plant protein, cricket protein contains all 9 essential amino acids which makes it a complete protein.

The Naak bar 

When to eat a Naak bar? 

At any time of the day for an energy boost! It is also ideal, during, and after physical exercise.

What are the ingredients of the Naak bar?

The Naak bar is made of simple and entirely natural ingredients that you could find in your own kitchen, and cricket powder. There are no added or refined sugars, no food colouring and no preservatives.

Why do athletes like the texture of the Naak bar?

Its brownie-like texture makes it easy to swallow and digest during exercise. It is also resistant to extreme weather conditions: it will not melt between your fingers in summer and you won't break your teeth on it in winter.

Is there an allergy risk with crickets?

People allergic to crustaceans may be allergic to crickets as they are part of the same family.

Can I eat cricket if I am allergic to gluten?

Naak bars do not contain ingredients with gluten but they can contain traces of wheat because the factory they are made in also makes wheat based products.

Can I eat cricket if I am allergic to nuts?

Naak bars are peanut-free. However, there can be traces of nuts in the Choco Orange, Choco Banana, and Raspberry Apricot bars.