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Olivier Leduc

Sailing - Naak Athlete

Olivier has been sailing since he was six years old. Over the years, he has developed his skills at sea and at local regattas.

In 2012, Olivier shifted his focus to catamaran racing and extreme sailing. Recently, he has taken his sailing to a whole new level thanks to his coach, Maxime Loiselle.

Notable Results or Accomplishments:

  • 28th out of 60 at the Saint-Barth Cata-Cup
  • World record holder: "Grand Raid Pont à Pont Montréal - Québec" in 11h48min01sec

What do you think about the Naak bar?

Naak bars really helped us shave weight and maintain our energy during the Grand Raid Pont à Pont Montréal-Québec in August 2016. I was impressed by how long I stayed energized after eating a bar. I am a firm believer that incorporating insects into our diet is the way of the future. I loved both flavours, but my favourite is Choco-Orange! 

Your favourite Naak bar flavour ?