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Creating a Positive Environmental & Social Impact

Näak was founded on the concept of preserving our playground with no compromise on performance. Our promise is to provide the highest-quality sports nutrition products while minimizing our environmental impact, and maximizing our sustainability. Through multiple diverse initiatives, we are effectively changing how our friends and customers view their consumption habits. Always aimed at promoting eco-friendly lifestyles, we've been shown incredible support from our community with all of your actions.

With the work of our team and dedicated customers, we are effectively reducing the environmental impact of the sports nutrition industry.

Creating Quality Products

In 2016, our two co-founders began questioning the role of sports nutrition and its impact on their performance and the environment. They became aware of the need for sustainable food products that positively impact health, sports performance, and the environment. Unable to find a product that met their criteria, they decided to create their own energy bars. This was the humble start of Näak, one based on environmental values and goals, which we continue to carry forward with each of our initiatives.

Since then, all of our products are made with natural ingredients that everyone can pronounce. We keep our ingredient list as short and straightforward as possible. Providing the ideal balance between taste and performance. We use healthy ingredients without compromising on taste so that your sports nutrition is no longer a setback but a pleasurable experience that fuels your body correctly. Our mantra: less is more!

Our main action for reducing our environmental impact lies in our choice of protein sources. Cricket and plant-based protein are considered superfoods. The extra vitamins and minerals obtained from our protein blends, in addition to the Omega-3’s, Omega-6’s, and all the essential amino acids that crickets provide, make our products a complete protein source.

Sustainable Protein

In holding true to our values, crickets are also much more eco-friendly than protein sources traditionally used in the sports nutrition industry, such as animal or animal-derived ones. While meat and dairy production accounts for just 37% of the world’s protein consumption, it uses 83% of the world’s farmland. This process not only devastates our farmland but also produces 60% of agriculture’s greenhouse gas emissions. In comparison, cricket farming produces 100x fewer greenhouse gases than beef farming. By choosing Näak products, our customers have saved immense amounts of greenhouse gases, land, water, and feed.

Sustainable Packaging

Our commitment to the planet does not stop with our production process. By 2025, we plan to make our packaging 100% reusable, recyclable, or compostable.

Our goal is to reduce the need for raw materials to be extracted and processed into new packaging materials. Reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions while conserving natural resources such as energy and water.

We even take sustainability one step further by offering our cricket powder in bulk. When you buy a product in bulk, there is less packaging which reduces plastic waste. Many plastic packagings contain harmful chemicals that can leach into water and soil, harming the environment and the food chain.

Responsible Sourcing

We aim to be aware and responsible with our consumption habits. We have set up an internal sourcing policy that promotes the purchase of eco-responsible products and favours local and environment-friendly suppliers, both at the office and at home.

We believe in neutralizing our impact on the climate as much as possible. To educate ourselves on sound environmental practices, we track our energy consumption, waste, and greenhouse gas (GHG) production. With the help of Planetair, we calculate our CO2 emissions and offset them by investing in Gold Standard certified projects that reduce the amount of GHG in the atmosphere

Preserving Our Playground

Our planet constantly faces increasing global warming and deforestation initiatives. We feel that it's our job to stand for what we believe in and help preserve the nature around us. To honour our commitment to the community, we've partnered with the BC Parks Foundation to help protect our forests by donating 3% of the revenue from every Näak purchase made. The money raised by sales on all our products will be used to continue preserving forests, buying and maintaining parks, and securing habitats for numerous endangered species.

Environmental protection is one of our biggest concerns. Nature is our playground, and we want to preserve it. This is why we support, promote, and organize eco runs in partnership with @runecoteam. Our goal here is to encourage ecological jogging, also known as “plogging”. Simply put, we invite runners to pick up at least one piece of garbage while jogging. Our community is then suggested to immortalize their gesture with a photo and to post it on social media to influence others to follow the movement.

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